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Policies & Procedures

On February 15, 2005, the Florida Board of Governors mandated that the public universities in Florida develop an Academic Learning Compact (ALC) for each baccalaureate degree program they offer. The Compacts identify the expected core student learning outcomes for degree program graduates in the areas of communication skills, content/discipline knowledge and skills, and critical thinking skills. Students should acquire these skills and knowledge if they successfully follow the prescribed course of study in their declared major, and the Compacts will delineate what students are expected to know and be able to do upon successful completion of their degree program.
The Faculty Senate Chair and the Provost appointed a Faculty Senate/Academic Affairs Joint committee to develop an action plan, a time line, policies and procedures, and directions to review and approve components of the ALCs from the institutional effectiveness student learning outcome matrices. The Faculty Senate will approve all status reports before they are submitted to the University Board of Trustees for approval and submission to the Board of Governors. The Faculty Senate's Undergraduate Council will be in charge of the ongoing monitoring of the ALCs and of the ongoing assessment of the measurement component. It was agreed that if a degree program demonstrates a robust process for the assessment of learning outcomes, then that degree program is effective in achieving the expected student learning outcomes and the graduates of that program have met the learning outcomes.