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Administrative Assessments

Administrative Assessments are required for those units and departments that serve administrative purposes. The dean's office of each college or school, and centers and institutes are also required to submit a report, since they are not required to assess student learning directly.

The university runs on a two-year assessment cycle for all units and programs. Administrative units like academic units, collect and submit assessment data yearly, but only need to submit improvement strategies every two years after collecting various data points. However, many units generate goals and outcomes that follow the fiscal year in order to provide annual reports reviewed by supervisors or external committees. In these cases, you can submit complete reports annually that would be due one month after the close of the fiscal year.

Administrative Units

Administrative areas align their outcomes to annual report goals, the mission/vision of the unit, the mission/vision of the university, and the strategic plan. Outcomes focus on the following areas:

  • Administrative Support Services – such as college-wide faculty/student recruitment, enrollment, and financial goals.
  • Educational Support Services – such as career services, advising, and other resources for students housed within the individual college or school.
  • Research – such as faculty and/or student research goals, special research initiatives, or any activity that may increase the body of knowledge in the field or increase engagement in research activities.
  • Community Service – such as events hosted by the college/school that benefit the community and initiatives to increase student/faculty participation in community service activities.

Depending on the main function and mission of the units, other areas are also assessed (e.g., student learning is also assessed for units providing learning services to students such as the library and areas within student affairs).

For the academic colleges and schools, the dean's offices are required to have outcomes related to each of the four areas. For administrative units, select only the support areas that are related to your mission and omit unrelated areas. For both academic and administrative offices, please label each outcome with one of the four areas since this will facilitate the process of generating reports on the institutional level. Ideally your outcomes will align with the president's strategic plan. They should also be linked to the university's mission as well as your unit/department's mission.

As with all outcomes, make sure that your outcomes and methods are specific and measurable. It is essential that outcomes align to the mission and goals of the department and the university. For assistance with making these alignments, you can contact the APA team to help you in the process. Also, when constructing outcomes, it is important to consider outcomes that cover a multi-year project or objective. By doing this, you can measure your progress longitudinally allowing for a broader perspective. Ideally, your outcome should not vary much from year to year.

Centers & Institutes

Similarly, and as mentioned above, centers and institutes also submit administrative assessment reports each assessment cycle. Most of the centers and institutes are affiliated to a specific college or school and they submit their assessment reports to the assessment representative within that area. Any centers or institutes that are not affiliated to a specific college/school submit reports directly to the APA office.

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