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We strive to promote quality education by serving as a resource to help faculty and staff engage in assessment activities. Our areas of expertise include:
  • Assessment and research methods
  • Quantitative and qualtative research methods
  • Curricular redesign
  • Data analytics
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Survey construction
  • Statistics
To foster a culture of continuous improvement that will help facilitate and enhance student learning, our team offers the following types of services and support:
  • Developing effective outcomes, assessment methods, and improvement strategies
  • Collaborating with faculty, administrators, and staff members to produce manageable, sustainable, and meaningful assessment plans and reports
  • Supporting strategic planning and decision making processes for best assessment practices
  • Developing and disseminating assessment-related resources
  • Facilitating and implementing professional development opportunities related to assessment
  • Documenting assessment practices in the university
  • Reviewing and providing feedback for assessment plans and results

Our team is available to answer questions and assist you in all your assessment needs.