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Stage 3

Data Collection

Collecting data involves gathering information from the people who will be assessed. Most commonly, the process of gathering assessments takes place in the last half of the fall and spring semesters (but can also take place at any point during the three semesters each year).

Suggestions for Successful Data Collection

  • Strategize on who will gather the data and who will be responsible for monitoring data collection as early as possible.
  • Maintain open lines of communication between all of the people involved in the process of gathering information, as lack of clarity on what data needs to be gathered can lead to challenges such as missing opportunities for assessment, gathering the wrong kind of data, or making the process unnecessarily complex.
  • Set a timeline for gathering data across the program or unit.
  • Send reminders to collect data.
  • Inform the people whose data is being collected that their information will be used to improve the program or unit.

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