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Rubrics and Curriculum Maps

This section provides specific examples of rubrics and curriculum maps for each of the major areas we teach at FIU. These rubrics and curriculum maps have been gathered from other universities and educational institutions throughout the web. Contact us if you would like for us to add more resources to these lists.


Rubrics are assessment tools that employ a standard scale to measure student performance. These tools are used to assign scores to many types of student works, including essays, reflections, presentations, dissertations, and short answer/essay exams. Rubrics allow for different raters to be able to score any student work in a standard format using the same criteria and scoring scale. Click here to learn more about using rubrics to assess student artifacts!

Rubric Examples

Curriculum Maps

Curriculum maps are matrices that describe the extent to which a degree program's expected learning milestones/learning outcomes are taught, reinforced, or assessed within each required course. These matrices allow faculty members to be able to easily observe where there are gaps or strength in the curriculum and allows for better assessment planning.

Curriculum Map Examples