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University Assessment Committee

The University Assessment Committee was established to facilitate communication and enhance collaboration related to assessment efforts throughout the university community. The mission of the committee is to assist in the assessment processes of academic and administrative units, including assessment guidance, planning, implementation, and reporting, and the development of a culture of assessment and continuous improvement at FIU.

These committee members represent all of the college, schools, offices and major administrative area within the university. The committee collaborates to make decisions concerning assessment, bring ideas and concerns about assessment from their respective areas to the forefront, and act as a liaison between their area and the APA office. Each member serves for at least a three year term.

Additionally, staff members representing the APA office serve as ex-officio members who facilitate dialogue and organize the Committee's events. The chair of the committee is Elizabeth Bejar, Vice Provost of Academic Planning and Accountability.

Committee's Roles and Responsibilities

Academic Assessment Branch Members

Administrative Assessment Branch Members